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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to FCA?

Any child that wants an education with a bible-based viewpoint can attend FCA.

Will there be transportation provided?

Yes. FCA will coordinate with the local district school buses for the surrounding communities to provide transportation.

Does FCA take funding from the public school?

FCA is privately funded and will not take any government funding. We will rely on tuition and donations.

Will there be sports available?

We will not have sports as of the 2022-2023 school year. However, for ages, we will be servicing, sports are community ed programs all children can participate in. Once we service older grades, we will revisit the topic of sports.

How will FCA teach two grades in one classroom?

Students are always at different learning levels within a grade. The curriculum is designed for teachers to teach two grades simultaneously. The two grade levels in the classroom will receive the education they need without becoming overwhelming for either the students or the teachers. The teacher will

provide a lesson to all the students; then, the students will work on their assignments for their grade level. Smaller class sizes allow a teacher to work individually with each student and grade level to ensure every student gets the education and help they need.

What curriculum will FCA be using?

FCA will use a combination BJU Press and Truth 78.

Will there be tuition to go to FCA?

Yes, there is a tuition fee. FCA will not take any funding from the government. The tuition rates are described on our website. If parents have several children, there is a discount.

What grade levels will be available?

FCA will start the 2022-2023 school year with Preschool (age 4) through 6th grade. We plan to add an additional grade level each year as this has been very productive for our sister school, FHL. Once we reach our goal of having Preschool through twelfth grade, the high school students will be offered elective classes that qualify for college credits.

How many students per classroom?

FCA will not have more than 15 students per classroom.

Do you still administer state standardized tests?

Yes. However, FCA administers the Iowa standardized tests. The Iowa assessments align with FCA values better than other standardized tests.

What is the reason for starting FCA?

Two families from Erskine and McIntosh founded FCA. They pulled their kids from public school

because the values of what the government was forcing on the public school did not match the values of these two families. In the process of finding an alternative option, they found FHL in Bagley, MN. FHL showed them what it was like to bring Christ back into school. They truly loved it, and their children were thriving. The kids had morning worship every day, prayed for others, and learned the love of Christ on a daily basis. The only downfall was it was forty-five minutes away. The parents wanted to have something closer to McIntosh and Erskine. They found that other families in the area wanted the same thing: a Christian school. With the help of Vanessa Jodock and her team at FHL, we can now have a private Christian school closer to us. If there are ever any questions about why we started FCA, please call or email us. We would be glad to answer any questions.

What is our Philosophy of Education?

Our philosophy of education enables students to learn that all truth stems from God. Subjects are taught from the perspective that God is the center of all things and that academics must include God if a student is to know the complete truth in any area of study.

If you have any more questions we would love to answer them for you.

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