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Christian financial stewardship is vital for FCA to operate successfully. Investing in your student's education is our goal. Your financial support is essential to our effort. The Student Application is below.

FCA's Goals

  • Integrate the Bible in each subject area.

  • Guide each child in coming to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Promote parent-school communication.

  • Enlist direct parent involvement through prayer, time, and money.

  • Offer Bible study, which promotes the development of biblical character.

  • Promote respect for authority in the home, school, church, and state.

  • Give opportunity for daily prayer and praise.

  • Help each child develop good study habits.

  • Help each child develop the ability and desire to continue learning

       throughout life.

  • Help each child develop basic knowledge and skills in an orderly fashion.

  • Identify each child’s individual needs and encourage their special talents.

  • Allow for each child’s uniqueness in the educational process.

  • Evaluate each child’s progress on a regular basis.

  • Maintain a sound fiscal policy.

  • Maintain plans for tuition assistance and fundraising.

  • Ensure that enrollment and hiring policies are racially non-discriminatory.

  • Bring glory to God through community service.

  • Care for the physical plant and property of the school.

Parents & Students

We understand that selecting a private school is an important commitment to your family. Your children spend more of their waking hours at school than anywhere else. At FCA, our teachers and staff take this opportunity to instill and reinforce Christian principles, values, and character.

We walk alongside your children as they discover who they are in Christ and we encourage them to pursue Him with all their heart, soul, mind, and spirit.

We would love for you to experience our culture, meet our teachers and learn more about joining our FCA Family.

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